Climate change education across the curriculum, across the globe

Climate change is considered to be the most critical factor affecting sustainable and equitable development, increasing conflicts, and causing massive extinction of species. Its impact is inseparable from our day-to-day life, now and in future, so is both a problem to be addressed by action policies, and a problem that requires education and that can be adopted for more effective teaching.

The TROP ICSU project collects and curates educational resources for teachers and self-learners to learn about Climate Change. The quality of life of future generations is largely dependent on the quality of education that we impart to today’s students.

The goal is not to introduce Climate Education as a stand-alone topic, but to integrate it with the core curriculum of Science, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

Teaching Tools

Individual resources from researchers and educators, that can be used to teach a topic in the core curriculum of a particular discipline with the help of a climate-related example.

Lesson Plans

Each Lesson Plan consists of a set of teaching tools and a write-up, packaged in the form of a step-by-step guide for the classroom.