Lesson Plans


Introduction to Climate Change

Special introductory lesson for teachers and all public with basic resources to understand the science and challenges of Climate Change.

All public  • 

Calculus and CO2 Emissions

Learn to solve calculus and tangent line problems using atmospheric CO2 data and the Greenhouse effect.

High School, Undergraduate  •  120 min

Malaria and Human Health

Learn about Protozoa, vectors, vector-borne diseases, the Spread of Malaria and human health.

High School  •  180 min

Tragedy of the Commons

Learn about the Economics of Climate Change, as well as Policy, Politics and Environmental Governance.

Undergraduate  •  120 min

Buffers, Buffer action and Ocean acidification

Learn about chemical buffer solutions, and how the CO2 in the atmosphere makes the oceans more acid.

High School, Undergraduate  •  40 min

Microbial Life

Learn about Microbes, Bacterial Growth and Adaptation, Gas Cycling and Greenhouse Gases.

High School, Undergraduate  •  150 min

Phenology in Plants

Learn about life-cycle and phenological events in plants, as well as leaf-out in plants.

High School, Undergraduate  •  110 min

Glaciers, Glacial Retreat, Cryosphere

Glaciology, Glaciers and Glacial Retreat, and the Cryosphere-Climate Relationship.

High School, Undergraduate  •  100 min

Food security, Agriculture

Climate Change and Food Security,Climate Change and Agriculture.

High School, Undergraduate  •  90-130 min

Planck's law and blackbody radiation

Planetary Climates, Planetary Energy Balance, The Greenhouse Effect.

High School, Undergraduate  •  120-150 min

Fertilizers and Climate

Agriculture, Effects of the Use of Fertilizers on the Environment

Undergraduate  •  30-50 min

Coriolis force

Understand the Coriolis force, and the effect of the Coriolis force on weather and climate.

High School, Undergraduate  •  40-50 min

Plant Physiology

Learn about Photosynthetic Pathways, C3, C4, and CAM Plants, Photorespiration, Stomatal Conductance, Photosynthetic Efficiency, Homoeostasis

Undergraduate  •  80 min

Climate Refugee

Learn about Climate Change and Human Migration, Climate Justice, Social and Environmental Policy

High School, Undergraduate  •  120 min

Capitalism and Climate Change

Learn about Capitalism, Consumerism, Materials Economy and its effect on climate change

High School, Undergraduate  •  90 min

Carbon Pricing, Shadow and Market Prices

Learn about market prices and shadow prices,carbon pricing,costs of greenhouse gases

Undergraduate  •  90-100 min

Abiotic Stress on Plants due to climate change

Learn about plant physiology, abiotic stress in plants

High school, Undergraduate  •  40-150 min

Permafrost and Climate Change

permafrost and its thawing due to rising global temperatures

High School, Undergraduate  •  50-60 min

Natural Selection

Learn about natural selection, its role in evolution and climate change as a selective pressure in natural selection

High School, Undergraduate  •  40-60 min

Impact of Climate Change on Photosynthesis

Learn about photosynthesis, influencing factors, C3-C4 plants, CAM Plants, Calvin Cycle

High School, Undergraduate  •  100-120 min

Hydrocarbons and Climate Change

Learn about Hydrocarbons,Fossil fuels and impact of thier emissions

High School  •  50-60 min

Climate Change Impact on Sea Turtles

Impact of Climate Change on Sex Determination in Sea Turtles

High School  •  80-90 min

Hadley Circulation and Heat Transport

Hadley Circulation, Heat Transport, Global Precipitation Patterns, Geographical Distribution of Deserts

High School, Undergraduate  •  80-100 min

Cost Benefit Analysis

Principles of cost-benefit analysis, its appliation to global carbon abatement

Undergraduate  •  150-170 min

William Blake's "Chimney Sweeper" Poems and Industrial Age

English Literature, Analysis of Poetic Texts, William Blake, Romantic Poetry, Child Labor, Industrial Revolution

High school, Undergraduate  •  50-60 min