What is the Carbon Pricing?

Use the following reading to introduce and describe in detail, the different aspects of global carbon pricing and its importance as an instrument for climate policies.

  • Use the reading, 'Carbon Pricing Dashboard' by World Bank to introduce the topic of carbon pricing.
  • Play the embedded video, 'Climate Countdown: Carbon Pricin' by Connect4Climate (~5 min), to understand the importance of carbon pricing.
  • Use the sub-sections in the reading resource to know more about what is carbon pricing, what are the main types of carbon pricing, and why it is important for governmental or organizational policy making.
  • Use the text to also distinguish between international and national/subnational/regional carbon pricing.
  • Finally, get introduced to the concept of internal carbon pricing and the factors that determine it.

Video 'Climate Countdown: Carbon Pricing' by Connect4Climate

Reading,'Carbon Pricing Dashboard' by The World Bank; Embedded video by Connect4Climate