Introduction to Photosynthesis

  • Introduce the topic by playing the video micro-lecture, Photosynthesis from bozemanscience.
  • Use the video to explain how photosynthetic pathways are affected by stomatal conductance, which in turn affects nutrient and water uptake by the plants.
  • Further, explain the influence of photorespiration on photosynthetic efficiencies and thereby, carbon fixation in C3, C4 plants- use the resource, C3, C4 , and CAM plants. How the C4 and CAM pathways help minimize photorespiration from the additional resources section, to explain this in detail.

Watch this short video that introduces the topic of photosynthesis and describe the differences in C3, C4 and CAM photosynthetic pathways in plants.

Photosynthesis Narrated and developed by Paul Andersen.