Climate change and the American Pika


A video that explains the impact of climate change on the habitat and population of a species (specifically, the American Pika) and explores whether this species could be used as an indicator of climate change.

Students will learn about climate-related factors that are important for the survival of pikas in summer and winter. They will also understand how climate-sensitive species such as alpine pikas could serve as indicators of the health of water resources in alpine ecosystems, Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. How could climate change affect the survival of the American Pika?
  2. How is the effect of climate change on the American Pika being studied?

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By Chris Ray, University of Colorado Boulder; Niwot Ridge LTER Program; Earth Initiatives

Hosted at YouTube (Niwot Ridge)

Language: English

Location: Colorado, USA

Grade: High School, Undergraduate

Access: Online

Computer Skills: Basic

Discipline: Biology

Discipline Topics: Animal Habitats, Ecosystems, Ecology, Species

Climate Topics: Climate Change and the Biosphere