Leaf-out in plants

Classroom Activity, Laboratory Activity

A classroom/laboratory activity to explore the possible role of climate-related environmental factors in the timing of leaf-out in plants (specifically, red maple leaf-out in New England).

In this activity, students will create graphs by using data for the timing of red maple leaf-out in New England. They will analyze these graphs and discuss the possible effect of changing spring temperatures on leaf-out.

Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. What is leaf-out?
  2. What are the climate-related factors that may affect leaf-out in plants?
  3. Which phenological events in plants could be affected by a change in the average spring temperature?

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By Elissa Koskela (University of Maine Cooperative Extension), Dr. Molly Schauffler (University of Maine Climate Change Institute and RiSE Center)

Hosted at Signs of the Seasons. A New England Phenology Program, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Language: English

Location: New England, USA

Grade: High School, Undergraduate

Access: Online, Offline

Computer Skills: Basic

Discipline: Biology

Discipline Topics: Phenology in Plants, Phenological Events in plants, Life-cycle Events in Plants, Leaf-out

Climate Topics: Climate and the Biosphere